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Shiva Meals Richmond Hill

The Premier Choice for Shiva Meals in Richmond Hill

When it comes to observing the Jewish mourning tradition of Shiva, finding the right caterer is crucial. In Richmond Hill, Gourmet Galaxy Catering stands out as the premier choice for Shiva meals. With their exceptional service and high-quality Kosher food, they have become the go-to for those in need of catering during this solemn time.

What are Shiva Meals?

Shiva is a week-long period of mourning that follows the burial of a Jewish person. During this time, the family stays at home and receives visitors who come to offer condolences. It is customary for friends and community members to provide meals for the family, known as Shiva meals. These meals are meant to offer comfort and sustenance during a difficult time.

According to Jewish law, the food served during Shiva must be Kosher. This means it must adhere to strict dietary laws, including the separation of meat and dairy, and the prohibition of certain foods such as pork and shellfish. Gourmet Galaxy Catering is fully certified Kosher, ensuring that all meals provided meet these requirements.

Why Choose Gourmet Galaxy Catering for Shiva Meals?

There are several reasons why Gourmet Galaxy Catering is the best choice for Shiva meals in Richmond Hill. Firstly, their food is of the highest quality. They use only the freshest ingredients to create delicious and satisfying meals. Their menu is also diverse, offering a range of options to suit different tastes and dietary needs.

Secondly, the team at Gourmet Galaxy Catering is professional and compassionate. They understand the significance of Shiva and the importance of providing comfort during this time. They go above and beyond to ensure that the family’s needs are met and that the food is delivered on time and with care.

Additionally, Gourmet Galaxy Catering offers a convenient online ordering system. This makes it easy for friends and community members to arrange for Shiva meals to be delivered to the family’s home. They also offer a range of packages to suit different budgets and group sizes.

The Importance of Kosher Food During Shiva

As mentioned earlier, Kosher food is a crucial aspect of Shiva meals. It is not only a religious requirement but also a way to honor the deceased and their beliefs. Gourmet Galaxy Catering takes this responsibility seriously, and their Kosher certification is a testament to their commitment to upholding these standards.

According to the Orthodox Union, one of the leading authorities on Kosher certification, there are many intricacies involved in preparing Kosher food (Orthodox Union, n.d.). Gourmet Galaxy Catering adheres to these guidelines, ensuring that the food served during Shiva is not only delicious but also respectful of Jewish law.

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

The quality of Gourmet Galaxy Catering’s service is reflected in the testimonials from their satisfied customers. Many have praised their professionalism, the taste of their food, and their attention to detail. One customer stated, “Gourmet Galaxy Catering made a difficult time a little easier with their exceptional service and delicious food” (Gourmet Galaxy Catering, n.d.).


In conclusion, Gourmet Galaxy Catering is the best choice for Shiva meals in Richmond Hill. Their commitment to quality, professionalism, and Kosher standards make them the premier choice for those in need of catering during this solemn time. To learn more about their services or to place an order, visit their website at gourmetgalaxy.com.

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